Entertainment Casting is an Online National Talent Database. We host and maintain the Talent Database and provide it to all approved Casting Professionals including Casting Directors, Agents, Managers and Production Companies. The Talent we specialize in are Actors, Background Extras, Print Models, Models, Voice over Artists, Specialty Acts, Musicians and Pets. Essentially any type of Talent that a Casting Director may need.

The Talent Database is available to all approved Casting Professionals at no charge! The goal of our company is to connect aspiring Talent with the Casting Directors that are in need of them. We need Talent in every City, State and County in the United States. We need all ages and ethnicities! No experience is necessary. If a Production Company is filming on location anywhere in the Country, we want The Talent Database to be able to fill the role.

There is a small $5 monthly membership fee to create and maintain the Talent’s profile page. There are absolutely no other fees or charges to join The Talent Database. Talent will also have access to the Entertainment Tools section. The Entertainment Tools are a complete A to Z guide that will help aspiring Talent succeed. This section provides you with updated Casting Calls and Auditions, Do’s and Don’ts, keyword searches and a list of approved Agents, Managers, Photographers and Acting Schools across the United States. Every couple months there will be a different training video from an instructor that will cover subjects such as Acting, Commercial Training and Audition Techniques.

We need all ages and ethnicities! We need Talent in every city, state, and county in the United States. If you have a child or pet that you feel has a good look or a special Talent, we want them. If you or anyone you know has ever wanted to work in the Entertainment Industry or if you just want to be a Background Extra in a movie Join the Talent Database Now!