Lincoln, NE

Project Description

Seeking actors for lead roles in OUR TOWN for Nebraska Repertory Theater 2021. 

Rehearsal & Dates

First Rehearsal 3/8/22; Opening 4/15/22; Closing 4/24/22


  • 4 ROLES

    • Age Range: 30 - 97
    • Experience: No Experience Necessary
    • Ethnicity: Caucasian/White, Latino/Hispanic, Black/African American, Native American, Asian, Middle Eastern
    • Role Description: Dr. Gibbs (Lead): male, 30+ any ethnicity - George’s father and the town doctor, Dr. Gibbs is also a Civil War expert; his delivery of twins just before the play opens establishes the themes of birth, life, and daily activity; he and his family are neighbors to the Webbs. Mrs. Gibbs (Lead): female, 30+ any ethnicity - George’s mother and Dr. Gibbs’s wife; Mrs. Gibbs’s desire to visit Paris--a wish that is never fulfilled--suggests the importance of seizing the opportunities life presents, rather than waiting for things to happen; at the same time, Mrs. Gibbs’s wish for the luxurious trip ultimately proves unnecessary in her quest to appreciate life. Mr. Webb (Lead): male, 30+ any ethnicity - Emily’s father and the publisher and editor of the Grover’s Corners Sentinel; Mr. Webb’s report to the audience in Act I is both informative and interactive, as his question-and-answer session draws the audience physically into the action of the play. Mrs. Webb (Lead): female, 30+ any ethnicity - Emily’s mother and Mr. Webb’s wife; at first a no- nonsense woman who does not cry on the morning of her daughter’s marriage, Mrs. Webb later shows her innocent and caring nature, worrying during the wedding that she has not taught her daughter enough about marriage.

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Payment & Union Details

UNION AEA SALARY SPT Currently $638 minimum (SPT 8)