Savannah, GA

Project Description

Title: Pine Grove Vixen (2021)

Logline: A supernatural thriller about two bowhunters Russell and Trip who get lost deep in the pines of south Georgia and encounter a mysterious presence.

Rehearsal & Dates

Dates: June 11th-14th in Savannah, GA

Travel In June 11th

Shooting Days June 12th - 13th

Travel Out June 14th



    • Gender: Male
    • Age Range: 35 - 49
    • Experience: Required Experience
    • Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
    • Role Description: Characters: RUSSELL DUBOIS is a large man with long dark greasy hair that is pushed back. He is in his late 30s and wears a worn gray flannel western shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a tan henley underneath, a wild boar belt buckle, a silver armband with turquoise stones, blood-stained calfskin gloves, jeans, and worn cowboy boots. He carries a compound bow and backpack. TRIP WALLACE is in his late 40s. He is thin and has a red mustache, a heavy 5 o'clock shadow, cloudy frameless glasses, a camo ball cap, a faded blue sweatshirt with a dirty tan t-shirt underneath, faded marsh grass camo hunting pants with a hatchet on his belt, and worn out Georgia boots. He also has a compound bow and a backpack with lots of things hanging off of it. His clothing looks much more worn out than Russell's.

Job Compensation


Union Status


Payment & Union Details

PAID Non-Union Production with Majority Union Crew SAG - Short Project Agreement Additional offerings: Still Images - Cast will receive fantastic still images from a seasoned set photographer who will be on set with us. Copy of Film - We will send the cast a copy of the final film which will be completed before fall 2021 for the festival circuit. Additional Raw Footage - We are also willing to send on additional raw footage that the actors can use for their demo reel if needed. Lead Role - Opportunity for interesting lead in a short film that is fully budgeted for the festival circuit.