seeking lead and supporting actors as well as extras for film titled "INTENTIONS"

exp: Jun 15, 2021

Atlanta , GA

Project Description

Intentions: Synopsis

Intentions is a story about an upcoming artist who has a passion for music, family and life. Because of his passion for music, he is consumed everyday with chasing his dream of becoming a professional music artist. He desires a love life but hasn’t set his intentions towards pursuing anyone until he meets a young woman named Jasmine. Jasmine is a beautiful yet shy young lady who was raised by a middle class suburban family who’s interest is in pursuing a career in music, theatre and the fashion industry. Although Jasmine is very focused on her goals, she finds herself falling madly in love with Tre which is something she never intended to do. Nonetheless, his intentions are totally different and his persistence is far too much for Jasmine to handle. Tre begins to set his mark and intentions towards what he believes will be a lifelong love affair. Unexpected circumstances and conflict comes in to test his faith. Will Tre get the desires of his heart or will he let obstacles get in the way and cause him to give up on what he truly wants and believes to be his destiny. There’s always conflict that will test your faith. The question is, how bad do you want it.


Rehearsal & Dates

Scheduled to shoot June 2021



    • Gender:
    • Age Range: 18 - 65
    • Experience: No Experience Necessary
    • Ethnicity: Caucasian/White, Latino/Hispanic, Black/African American, Native American, Asian, Middle Eastern
    • Role Description: INTENTIONS CHARACTER BREAKDOWN Tre – LEAD, AA Male, young 22yo Smart, charismatic music artist who’s serious about his career. Works hard with very little time to play. Single, passionate and solely focused on his music. Lost both parents due to a car accident. Jasmine – LEAD, AA Female, 22yo College student at Mind State University enjoys spending time with her mom. She is a book worm and committed to her education and is even more focused after the death of her father. Desires to be successful with a great career to help take the stress, strain and load off her mother. Kathy – SUPPORTING, AA Female, 45 -55yo Jasmine’s mother. Very loving and caring mother and Nurse to her patients. Enjoys her profession and is very supportive of Jasmine. Lost her husband due to a heart attack. Supports Jasmine in her education and career goals. Rob – SUPPORTING, AA Male, 30 – 45yo Manager of Tre and Drizzle at Mass Production Music Studio. Cool, relaxed, and funny. Jokes around but is focused and serious about work. Keeps Tre focused and pushes him to do his best work and best performance. Tres right hand man. Patricia (aka Patty) – SUPPORTING, AA Female, 35 – 45 yo PR for Tre’s management team at Mass Production Music Studio. No nonsense team player and takes her job very serious. Gets the job done. Driscal – SUPPORTING, AA Male, 20 – 30 yo. Lead Assistant in charge of the interns and daily activities at MPMS. Reports in with Patty and assists Jasmine as the new intern. Drizzle – SUPPORTING, AA Male, 20 – 35 yo. Tre`s right hand man. Was once a street hustler but has now come out the streets and committed himself to what he loves most his music. Mrs. Lockett – DAY PLAYER, AA Female, 40- 50 yo. Jasmine’s College Advisor at Atlanta College of Music and Art. She helps assist Jasmine with getting an internship. Receptionist – DAY PLAYER, AA Female, 20 – 30 yo Works at the front desk of the college. Greets Jasmine as she comes in. Dr. Saratoga – DAY PLAYER, AA Male, 50 – 65 yo works at Skyview Med Center as head doctor. He sees about Jasmine after being rushed to the hospital. Extras needed as well!

Job Compensation


Payment & Union Details

NONUNION/NON-PAID Scheduled to shoot June 2021 Will follow all COVID guidelines. ***Open to those out of state as long as your willing to get a COVID test two days prior to shoot date. Travel/hotel not provided. COPY, IMDB CREDIT AND MEALS PROVIDED.