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Project Description

"Blood on My Mother's Apron" After English serial killer, Amelia Dyer is arrested in 1896, her daughter, Polly, battles public opinion and the revelations of her mother's trial to discover the truth of her upbringing. 

Rehearsal & Dates

Rehearsals will start in July, first via zoom and then in person.
Tech will be on September 13th and the Performances will be on September 15th, 17th, and 19th.
All performers MUST be available for all four dates.


  • 6 ROLES

    • Gender:
    • Age Range: 18 - 60
    • Experience: No Experience Necessary
    • Ethnicity: Caucasian/White, Latino/Hispanic, Black/African American, Native American, Asian, Middle Eastern
    • Role Description: EVALINA EDITH MARMON/DR. JAMES SCOTT: Evalina (20s-30s, female identifying), mother of the female victim, Doris Marmon. A young governess who fell pregnant and farmed her baby temporarily to Amelia Dyer. Desperate for justice for her baby's death. James (20s-30s, no gender specifications), an established psychologist for the prosecution. Progressive and arrogant. (SUPPORTING) HORACE AVORY: 40s-60s, male identifying. A renowned criminal lawyer of the late 1800s. Prosecturo in the Amelia Dyer case. Determined, brilliant, but not without compassion. (LEAD) POLLY DYER (MARY ANN PALMER): 20s-30s, female identifying. Daughter of infamouse serial killer, Amelia Dyer. History is still unclear as to whether or not Polly followed in her mother's footsteps. Extremely intelligent, traumatizedm and untrusting. (LEAD) AMELIA DYER: 40s-50s, female identifying. The most prolific female serial killer in UK history. Suspected of murdering over 300 infants over the course of 30 years. Her daughter, Polly, was her only surviving child after two dead husbands and two dead children. CHARLOTTE CULLUM: 30s-40s, female identifying. Landlady and confidance of Polly Dyer. She and her husband, Albert Cullum, owned the Palmer's home and lived in the same unit. A mother figure to Polly. Kind and affectionate, but very grounded and to the point. DR. FREDERICK LOGAN/CHARLES: Dr. Logan (30s-50s), no gender specifications. An established psychologist for the defense. Conservative, misogynistic. Charles (20s-40s), male-identifying. Guard outside Amelia's cell. Wary of Amelia, but polite and supportive of Polly. (SUPPORTING)

Job Compensation


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Payment & Union Details

SALARY $15 per hour for rehearsal and $100 per performance