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Is there a charge to use the talent database?

Absolutely not. The talent database is available to all approved casting professionals at no charge.

What type of talent does the database offer?

We have actors, background extras, bit-part actors, print models, models, voice-over artists, specialty acts and pets.

Where is the talent located?

We have talent all over the country. The goal of entertainment casting is to offer talent in every city, state, and county in the united states.

How will I be able to contact the talent if I’m interested in them?

You will contact entertainment casting and provide us with the id number for the Talent you want. We will then give you the contact information for the talent you need.

Can I post an open casting call with your company?

Yes, there is a section to upload open casting calls and auditions.

How do I become approved to be able to have access to the talent Database?

Fill out the casting director info form and we will contact you within 24 hours. We are looking to verify the validity of you and your company for the protection of our members.

What is the age ranges that your Talent database offers?

We have all ages of Talent 1 to 80 years.

Is the talent on your database trained and experienced?

We have all different levels of talent. We have talent that have no experience at all and are simply looking to get work as an extra and we have union experienced talent that are looking for bigger roles and opportunities.

How do I search the database for talent?

Go to the talent search tab, once there you are able to search for the exact criteria you are looking for. A thumbnail of talent profiles will come up and you can click on the profiles you are interested in and their profile page will appear which will give you all the information and photos you may need.