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Do I need experience to be able to get work?

No experience is required. Though the more experience you have the better your odds are to obtain work.

Do you take a percentage of my pay when I get work?

No, we never take a percentage regardless of how much you get paid. If you obtain an agent or manager they may.

What ages do you accept?

We accept and need all ages, 1-80 years.

What states are you looking for people in?

We need talent in every state. Some states there is more work than others but productions film on location all over the united states.

Do you accept pets?

Yes, often there are productions that are in need of animals with special talents.

Is it guaranteed that I will get work?

No, there are no guarantees in the entertainment industry. We recommend if anyone ever guarantees you work you should be careful and on guard.

If I sign up is there a contract or commitment?

No, there is no contract or commitment. You are able to cancel at anytime.

Who will have access to my profile page?

Only approved casting directors, agents, and industry professionals will have access to your profile page. Casting directors are given access at no charge to the talent database.

Do I need acting classes or a headshot to be able to get work?

To work as a background extra you absolutely do not need professional photos or acting classes. If you are wanting to get an agent or submit yourself for an audition a headshot may be needed.

Does entertainment casting offer headshots or acting classes?

No, we do not offer Headshots or Acting Classes. Under the entertainment tools section there is an approved list of photographers and acting schools throughout the United States.

Is there a fee to be on the talent database?

There is a $5 monthly fee to create and maintain your profile page on the talent database. There are no other fees or charges nor do we take a percentage when you get work.

What type of people are you looking for?

We need actors, background extras, bit-part actors, print models, models, voice-over artists, specialty acts and pets. We need all ages and ethnicities in all areas across The United States.